Semi and the Orb

Submitted 7/12/2006 (by anonymous)

Took this on a whim, felt I had to for whatever reason. Wanted to catch the moon over the truck. The one on the truck's roof is interesting if you zoom in on it, I took 2 more in succession, to see if it was reflections after reviewing the original on the digital preview thingy. The reflections in the windshield were consistent, nothing else was there.



The only 'tampering' we did with the photos, was to black out the name and markings on the truck to help keep this persons identity private.  The first picture, above the building to the left, is the moon.  But you notice on the top of the truck, and of course to the right side of the pictures, you see 'orbs' in motion.

Here are the photos, enhanced:

Top of the truck:

Now the one beside it

This is one of the most interesting photos of an orb we have seen submitted to us to this date (2006)

.  You can see this object, clearly in motion.  And when you switch it to a negative, it seems to have 'consistency'.  We can rule out this is not dust, anything on the lens, humidity, bugs, or pixel distortions.  But the problem is, we cannot say what it is with 100% confidence.  But we are leaning towards that this might be a photo of an actual orb.  We leave it up to you to decide.


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