The Witch in the Mirror?

Submitted June, 2009

Submitted by anonymous

It was midnight on my Birthday (2007), and my cat was starting to freak out a bit.  She ran into my bedroom and stared at the antique dresser (circa 1905 that still has the original mirror).  When I offered her favorite treat to her, she ignored it and continued staring towards the dresser.  I picked up my digital camera, and took 3 photos in succession without moving.  In the first two there was nothing.  In the third, this is what I caught.

There was nothing in the room to reflect this.  No pictures, anything that would give this impression of an old woman's face.  If you look, her face looks tilted to the right.  You can see her hairline, her eyes, her nose and her mouth which looks wrinkled and 'stretched'.  I went back, stood there exactly where I was and took more photos, but nothing showed up, and my cat wasn't freaked out anymore.  Someone mentioned to me this photo if you add on 40 years to my life, looks like me.  The spooky thing is, my sister who owned the mirror before me told me (after showing her this photo) - that when she was a kid, she was looking into it, and suddenly saw herself as an old woman.

I doubt this is a magic mirror.  But ironically or just coincidence, I had purchased an antique silver amulet that was owned by a 95 year old white witch (who is passed now).  I was told that she would show herself to me in some way, could this be her?

TAPIS:  This photo is very interesting, and is not tampered with.  Could it be a reflection of something in the room?  I know the person, and this isn't her reflection, nor would she have any reason to try and 'fake' a photo. We saw the room, and could not find anything that could have caused this.  With an antique mirror, there will be wear in the back, causing some of the mirror to not give a reflection anymore.  The mirror has some wear on it, but not to make this pattern, even with the flash.  Our conclusion so far, this still might be able to be explained in logical terms, but we haven't ruled anything else out yet.

Interesting note though, you can see eyes , a hairline, jawline and a thing mouth.  We know the person who submitted this, and if you aged her to about 83, this would be a very good simulation of what she would look like.


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