Flash Apparition

Submitted December 12th, 2008

Clairview Area, Edmonton Alberta

Submitted by Sabrina



This is a pic i of some friends i took in 2003. I dont remember the actual date. We were having a little party and i told these people to pose for a picture...
I wasn't expecting to see this on the picture. This photo was taken with a disposable camera that had a flash. I'm not sure if its actually an apparition... but thats why i'm sending it to you guys... Do you have some explanation for it? 


TAPIS: - yes we do have an explanation.  You can see on the left hand side, the reflection on the wall from the flash 'hitting' the brass stand.  The 'apparition' on the right wall, is clearly another reflection of the flash off of a mirror or window.  You can almost make out a plant or something within it.


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