Maple Ridge - BC

Date of incident is June 21 2006

Location: Maple Ridge, BC


These are a few photos we took just as memory while moving my sister out of her old home.  We have always had the feeling of a presence being in the house while we were in the home.  The basement being the room where we felt it the most especially in the staircase down to the basement.  One incident occurred when the basement door slammed shut, No breeze or wind was in the house, for the door to slam shut a person would of had to do it as there was a wall behind the door.  These photos were taken in the upstairs kitchen and the one outside was the door to the basement from the outside.  you can see an Orb to the left of the doorway outside of the home.  After my mom and I left this house on June 21st my sister stayed behind to gather her thoughts and relax for a few moments before leaving the home for good.  As she laid on the couch she felt a very strong feeling of someone watching her.  I guess now after seeing these photos we know someone or something was watching her.

TAPIS:  Its hard to tell in a situation like this - this could be something as simple as cigarette smoke.  There have been pictures we have taken - where no smoke was around, or nothing that would produce this effect - yet we have captured it (some believe those to be 'plasma').

TAPIS: it could be a trick of the eyes, but it almost seems like you can see the profile of a woman, looking towards the right, with a bun in her hair, within a very faint, large orb.  Again this photo was not doctored, it was enhanced by clarification.


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