Clive Hotel
Clive Alberta

Investigators:  Brenda, Brian, Jess and Beth

We were called out to the Clive Hotel by its current owners to come out and see if we could capture any evidence or to find out what might be behind the years of ghost stories associated with the hotel.

Clive is a small town located about 140 KM from Edmonton (about an 1.36 hour drive)

Some of the reported incidences are the smell of cigar/pipe smoke, people waking up to see a man standing over top of them watching them sleep (one who was sleeping in the big room at the end of the hallway, woke up, ran downstairs and checked out.  This was a week after they contacted us).  Also a woman has been seen in the rooms, sitting in a big blue chair, and a former owner of the hotel who has long since passed, wonders up and down the hallways, and also likes to pop in to see the patrons while the sleep.  There were even reports of a possible ghost dog wandering the hallway, along with an angry old woman.  Down in the bar, a man has also been seen maybe looking for a pint.

The bar where a man has been seen (sitting to the right is Brian)
The hotel was built in the early years of the last century (the 20th), and has a bar downstairs, a little cafe, on off sales area, and of course the 8 rooms upstairs that share one bathroom with a shower and a toilet.

When we arrived, it was past dinner time.  We decided to check out the bar/restauraunt for some dinner and discuss the logistics of that nights investigation.

Brian, Jess and Brenda with some patrons of the bar.  We are drinking pop - no alcohol is allowed on investigations
We then were shown upstairs by the hotel owner, and took a quick look around.  We were staying over night so that we could try and experience what previous patrons have witnessed and heard.  We went to our rooms, got out the equipment and started conducting base line tests.

Left - one shot down the hallway (Brian can be seen)     Right - looking down the other end, from the large room.

Brenda and Jess had gone to the room where the woman had been seen sitting in a big blue chair.  They sat down on the bed and started conducting an evp experiment with the K2 meter, seeing if they could get any reaction.

The chair where the woman has been seen at night, watching people as they sleep

While Brenda and Jess were conducting their experiment, Brian and I were setting up cameras and equipment in the largest room at the end of the hallway.

The big room - these photos were taken the next morning - when we started the investigation, it was already nightfall...

While I was setting up the camera, just beside the bed shooting towards the table, the EMF meter that was sitting on top of the back of the couch suddenly went off while Brian and I were talking.  I went over, picked it up and double checked the natural/man made fields in the room (because of the age of the hotel, just as we suspected there were higher than normal EMF readings in the rooms by the electrical outlets, the duct work, but there wasn't anything previously around that couch).

I scanned the couch with the meter, and whatever was there seemed to have disappeared.  I put the meter back where it was and we went ahead setting up the experiment.  Brian started speaking, and the EMF went off again.  I told Brian to check to make sure his phone or watch was not causing this reaction (and they were not - he put his phone away)
 I was on my hands and knees checking underneath the couch, around it, and there was nothing that should have been causing the reaction we were getting.  While we were talking, it started reacting like something was trying to join in on the conversation.  When we stopped - it stopped.

I called Brenda and Jess on the radio to see if they were having any reactions.  The K2 had spiked a couple fo times in the 20 minutes there were down there, but then nothing.  I told them what was happening in this room and told them to come down.  We all went around the room looking and discussing for possible other causes.  Jess put the K2 Meter on the back of the couch (opposite end of the EMF Meter), and soon after we started having both meters reacting as if something was trying to communicate.

This was the start of a very weird investigation.  Now when I say weird, I do mean WEIRD.  I have never in all my years of investigations seen an EMF meter react the way it was reacting, and the K2 acting along side of it.  In some parts of the night, both were going at the same time, other parts, just the K2.  This went on for over 6 hours, and when the team was getting quite tired, thats when an impromptu sing along happened (yes you read that right).  It seemed at one point in the investigation, if there was something there, it wanted to hear and react to some songs.  Our reaction at the time was of shock, and out of shock comes a reaction in some - laughter (combined with being tired, it is a normal reaction).  Here is the video below on our channel on YouTube - of those reactions and of our conclusions on the investigation that night.  Please again excuse the laughing, we were shaking our heads and couldn't believe it at the time.  We are professional investigators, but we are only human as well.  It took a very long time to get back to the client on this one with our results.  We double checked all the equipment, did more research, and consulted with another group until we could rule out what might be making the meters react in the way they did.

Link to Video