We are going through some exciting member changes, that will only make this team better for the future.  This page will be continually updated so please stay tuned!

Also if you do not see a persons bio here, they are no longer with the team.  Any investigations they are representing TAPIS is under false pretenses, so contact us ASAP.

Beth Fowler

President/Head of Investigations


Beth has been interested in the paranormal since the young age of 8, and has been studying and investigating the paranormal for 20 years.  She got into the field because of experiences she had in her own life, and of experiences of those of her friends and family (her father even as a young boy, lived in a haunted house with his family for a short while).  You can read about one of these experiences on our stories page


A technical savvy person, Beth also likes to paint and collect antiques in her spare time.  Her collection includes antique dolls dating from 1860 - 1920.  Most of these are Armand Marseilles, with one china head from 1860 - that visitors to her home say that it is haunted itself.  They have claimed to see it move, and even turn its head!  She also has a collection of various Victorian antiques, from jewelry to sconces, to even a mirror from an old NY hotel.  In her collection she also has an actual Victorian mourning jacket from 1895.  Beth originally wanted to become an Archeologist when she was young, and that passion of the past still drives her today to find out historical meanings of the places in Edmonton.

Beth has been on the boards of other legalized societies and non-profit organizations.  She is very interested in the community, and the history of not only Edmonton, but of surrounding municipalities.  Even though she holds an important day job, her investigations are never far from her mind.


Beth is usually the spokesperson for the group (sometimes very outspoken!).  Featured on such TV shows as Big Breakfast and Shaw TV's top ten.

She has also been featured on the radio program in the states Coast to Coast AM (one of her articles was also featured as a 'hot story'), CBC Radio, FREE FM and has been written up in magazines such as Universe Weekly, The Grande Prairie Herald-Tribune, and in a 5 page spread in SEE Magazine.  In 2012, Beth and the team made the cover of the Edmonton Journal


Although a skeptical person trying to find the truth behind paranormal experiences, Beth also has an interest in the spiritual side.  She has studied different religions and faiths, and how they pertain to paranormal experiences.  She has also delved into the world of divination, but stays away from Ouija boards (as should everyone!)


Two of her Heroes she lists is her Mom and Dad.  They have been very supportive of her in her quest, and brought her up with values, but with no religious restrictions.


Beth although serious about her investigations, is known to have a great sense of humor, and loves shows like Monty Python, Red Dwarf, and Fawlty Towers.


She lives with her 'kid' and faithful companion Akasha 



 Update - March 21st, I lost my sweet baby (due to a Vets mistake).  She will be forever in my heart, and has brought me so much joy that I could never repay her for.

In my grief, I set up a webpage for those who unfortunately have also gone through the pain and loss of a faithful feline furry kid,  so others can have a page dedicated to them,

and hopefully find some comfort as well (and its free).

So please check out

Kashas Page

Kittes Are Special Heavens Angels



Brenda - Vice President


Brenda is  mother of 2  and works fulltime in a post-secondary environment. She has been married over 20 years. Brenda is curious about the unexplained and enjoys searching for answers.  Although having firstworked with HAPIA the previous team to TAPIS over 7 years ago, she was somewhat skeptical about being able to document contact with paranormal phenomenon until a recent investigation and is eager to experience more.



Brian  grew up in Edmonton, AB.  and has had an interest in the Paranormal since he was about 7 or 8, partly because of certain experiences and partly out of curiosity, he will be 30 in December.  The first book he bought was of Ghost Stories of Alberta, it was during a book fair when he was in Grade 3. Brian strives for knowledge and truth. He is always interested in something new.  In his spare time he is an avid skier in the winter and just enjoys being outdoors in the summer months.  He is a professional during the day, and enjoys the investigations by night, and would sincerely like to find some truths as he does believe there is Paranormal Activity.


Nikki T

Director/Technical Support/Analysis


Nikki works for a huge corporation in computer technical support, so when there are questions or problems with software, she is a good resource.  In her spare time she loves to read books, and 'blog'.  Her and Beth have known each other since 1992, in fact Nikki came with Beth and former partner Ross in their first investigation in the Edmonton Cemetery,

Betty - Director

Betty is the well read member of the team, and has been interested in the paranormal for years.  As Director she keeps the team on their toes,  and helps run the board from behind the scenes.


More bios and photos to come!